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JoeyDCares Rock Orchestra

A Community Rock Orchestra in Carroll County, Maryland, the JoeyDCares Rock Orchestra (JDCRO) is a non-profit community group of students in 7th–12th grade and adult volunteers who perform concerts to help raise funds and awareness for charities and support local communities. Talented musicians perform as vocalists or string, brass, woodwind or rhythm section players, providing fun, family-friendly musical entertainment. Under the leadership of Joey Dundore, the JDCRO refines an ambitious set of Rock, Pop, Motown, Jazz & Classical favorites as they prepare for live shows to benefit charitable causes and community events. With singers and a wide variety of instrumentalists, from violins to tubas to electric guitars, saxophones and more, the JDCRO rocks the music during many exciting performances at events every year!

Charity & Community Events

JDCRO performing at charity and community events. We entertain and enliven charity events to improve awareness, increase charitable donations, and help make charitable events more enjoyable so that participants in these events return each year. We also support local community events as well!

JDCRO Member Events

Photos from some of our membership activities as an organization, including a JDCRO session that was focused on producing a CD and putting on a "CD Release" concert.

Annual Rockin' The Cause Concerts

The JoeyDCares Rock Orchestra hosts "Rockin' the Cause" every spring, a big benefit concert to raise money for a chosen charity. View photos from this exciting event in years past!

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